21 July 2009

We went into this research ...

Recording of Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

In this practice interview for NBC's Today Show when asked about sex research Dr. Kinsey replies,

"We went into this research because we discovered a gap in our knowledge. It is the history of science that wherever we fill in a gap in our knowledge mankind ultimately may profit."

This is a digitized version of the 16mm raw, unedited footage shot for the the NBC Today Show in 1956.

This film was made as a practice interview before an appearance on NBC's Today Show in 1956. The interview is between Dr. Alfred Kinsey and a NBC correspondent. The interview takes place in Dr. Kinsey's office in Jordan Hall at Indiana University. The interviewer asks Dr. Kinsey several questions related to the nature of his research and his motivation for studying sexual behavior.

The final interview aired on March 20, 1956.

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